ELFBAR ELFA PRO Prefilled Pods

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These new ELFA PRO PREFILLED PODS are fitted with state-of-the-art QUAQ mesh coil tech which will steadily enrich the flavour of the vape juice inside. These pods have a coil/liquid separation system that keeps the internal liquid fresh.

These pods come in a pack of two and are only compatible with the ELFA PRO POD KIT.

Before use, push in on the bottom of the pod to activate the e-liquid.

Start vaping right away with the industry's 1st instant-absorption ECS pod.


ECS is an E-liquid Coil Separation technology that separates the e-liquid and coil until initial activation, which effectively keeps the freshness of the e-liquid and reduces leakage.

How to use the Elfa Pro pods...

It's as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1. Ensure that you remove all the stickers and the silicone plug.

Step 2. Push the base in, allowing the e-liquid to flow into the chamber.

Step 3. Insert the pod into the Elfa Pro battery device. It has a magnetic contact that will secure it in place.

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